Our brewery setup


Little Brother Brewery is a Nanobrewery specialising in handcrafted Real Ales and Lagers.  Our brewery is designed to be flexible which gives us a creative advantage over larger scale breweries. With our small scale system we can produce an unrestricted selection of beers without great financial risk.  This affords us the freedom to experiment with a vast range of yeasts and hops and to brew ‘one off’ specialty beers, high gravity imperial beers, as well as fruit beers.

Our brewery setup is a three vessel system consisting of Blichmann Boiler Makers (kettles). To accompany these three kettles we have opted to use an all-electric brewery to achieve greater accuracy, efficiency and consistency. We are also running HERMS, which stands for ‘Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System’, and this also assists in maintaining consistency between batches.  In addition, we use food grade Chugger pumps, designed specifically for breweries as a means of moving hot liquor to and from our kettles.

Primary fermentation takes place within Blichmann designed conical fermenters which allows us to harvest and reuse our yeast. For secondary fermentation we use Sabco pressure vessels.  This setup is considered a ‘closed-system pressure fermentation’ method and it enables our beers to naturally carbonate during the secondary fermentation stage.  By using this method of natural carbonation we are able to categorise our beer as ‘Real Ale’.  Our last step is to transfer our beers to Bright Tanks for conditioning before tapping to kegs and bottles. The resulting beer is sediment free, naturally carbonated and rich in flavour.