Sweet Sound Event


Little Brother Brewery was fortunate enough to recently work side by side with Sweet Sound Productions. Sweet Sound Productions is an independent production and record company, whose mission is to find talent hidden in the woodwork and to promote small-time artists in the tough music industry.  Verkstedet in Oslo was the chosen venue for this event and the talent was lucky enough to be enjoying Little Brother Brewery’s beers.  Two special beers were created to celebrate the collaboration of Sweet Sound Production and Little Brother Brewery; a Sweet Brew Amber Ale and a Safari Hefe Wheat Ale. Both beers were served throughout the night and were more than well received by the performers.

A small competition was also held for the performer who #tagged the coolest photo of themselves with a Little Brother Brewery brew.  Congratulations to singer/songwriter Sarah Calvert for doing just that. Sarah was such a fan she even managed to smuggle a bottle home with her.  She is now a proud owner of a growler full of brew! Nice one Sarah!

Check out her winning pic!

Winning Pic


Big shout out to owners and manager Øystein Heggen Olsen of Verkstedet for making this event possible. www.verkstedetbar.no

Feel free to check-out the latest talent from Sweet Sound Productions at: www.sweetsound.no

Little Brother Brewery has made it a mission to collaborate with cultural events whether they are large or small, music or arts based or however and wherever a good time can be had. If you’re planning an event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can get involved.