Teku Glass

We’ve received our Teku glasses from Rastal in Germany. These glasses are arguably the best beer drinking glasses in the world! We just had to have some and we want to share them with you. To fully enjoy our beers and all craft beers alike we recommend serving them in our Rastal Teku glasses.

These glasses have a special mission to achieve. We need to buy some new equipment to make our beer even better. On the top of our ‘to buy’ list is a conical fermenter and the proceeds from each and every glass will go towards buying one.

Conical Fermenter


Conical Fermenter

These glasses feature the full Little Brother Brewery logo in white ink and real gold leaf. Each glass is designed to hold a full 33cl bottle of beer.

“The overall shape of the glass, a relatively small chimney shape upper bowl and it’s volume are predestined to present the qualities of aroma-rich beers. When cooled, lighter beers exhibit aromas with light, flowery-fruity touches. The yeastiness of the aroma spectrum intensifies with increasing warmth. Strong and dark beers immediately develop heightened spicy aromas.”

Stated by Martin Darting
(Sensory expert and sommelier)

Thanks in advance for the support!

Andrew & Cameron
Little Brother Brewery

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