Dronebrygg  – Coconut Milk Stout

If there is a brewery that is made up of a funnier group of guys who treat their brews like never to-be-repeated pieces of art in Oslo, well, quite frankly I do not want to meet them, cause they’d blow our minds! Which is almost what happened with the hilarious and super fun to be around guys from Dronebrygg. Striking up the idea of a collaboration was an easy one after having hung out with them at Oslo Beer Week in June, Grunnerlokka Mikrobryggerifestival in August, and BØF in September, cause we knew we got on with “The Car-Boys” famously.  With the boys eager to test out their system a bit, we all came upon a Stout as our brew of choice.  Lots of dark special malt with sweetening milk sugar in the boil and coconut added in secondary fermentation,  this is how a coconut milk stout should taste.  A creamy sweet mouth feel, backed up with a nice toasty malt and a hint of lingering coconut that stays on the palate. We have big plans for this collaborative effort (think oak barrel aging), and special releases will be up and coming to bring this to the thirsty craft beer lovers of Oslo.

Title: TBC

Style: Coconut Milk Stout




Malt: Pale, Flaked Barley, Flaked Oats, Caramel, Roasted Barley, Chocolate, Aromatic, Carafa II

Hops: Nugget, Willamette, Cascade

Adjuncts: Milk sugar, Vanilla Pod, Coconut

Yeast: British Ale M07

Dronebrygg: http://www.dronebrygg.no/

 Nøisom Craft Beer – Mangoose!

Love thy neighbour!

At Bergen Øl Festival in September we were allocated tent number 4, while our neighbours who soon turned friends, Nøisom Craft Beer, were allocated right next door at number 3.  Being our first appearance at a festival of its size with many breweries, we soon learned that everybody shared little tasters with each other, just as a way of introducing yourself and showing off your brews.  We got friendly with Pål, Nøisoms head brewer after we had swapped our interpretations of chili beers.  Both enjoying each others creation very much, contact details were swapped and the idea of a collaboration beer was formed.

In November we took the train down to Frederikstad to visit Pål at their brewery for the day to brew a Mango Gose / Wheat Ale Hybrid.  Naturally soured with 75kgs of Acidulated malt and a healthy dose of sea salt, along with 40kgs of the finest Mango puree we could find. The end result has a great mango aroma with a refreshing palate cleansing sourness to finish.

We were really honoured to have the opportunity to go down and brew with one of the biggest breweries in Norway, we certainly learnt a lot and loved every minute of it.  (They learnt a lot also, as this was the first time that they ever had a stuck mash!)

Title: Mangoose

Style: Mango Gose / Wheat Ale Hybrid

ABV: 5

IBU: 19

EBC: 8

Malt: Acid, Wheat, Flaked Oats

Hops: Centennial, Sorachi Ace

Yeast: WB-06

151221-Mangoose - 187.5x70-01

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One From The Fridge: Little Brother Bryggeri’s Big Belly Juleøl 2015

I’ve tried a few christmas beers this year but I think Little Brother’s Big Belly is the first one to really hit the mark. The flavor and aroma mix together to make it not just a beer, but an essential  part of the holiday season. In fact the brewery actually writes on the bottle that this beer “Combines the smoke from a fire and the essence of a Christmas tree… to evoke a sensory connection to the nostalgia of the festive season,” and they aren’t lying. After cracking open my bottle and taking a nice big whiff I swear could hear the crackle of a nonexistent fireplace and wanted nothing more but to put on my onesie and cuddle up with this tasty brew.

Another thing to mention is that for 7% ABV, this beer is surprisingly light tasting and it doesn’t suffer from over malted and unbalanced qualities – an issue I have had in previous reviews. With that said,  I think that the smoked malts in the back end of the flavor are a little harsh and it wouldn’t hurt to go a little lighter and let some of the other flavors shine.
Overall I highly recommend that you go out and grab a couple bottles for yourself, and with a best before date of January 2017, I plan on cellaring one of these bad boys so I can compare it with the 2016 release next holiday season.
The Facts:

Style: Juleøl
Brewery: Little Brother Bryggeri
Location: Oslo, Norway
Website: http://littlebrothercraftbrewery.com
ABV: 7%
IBU’s: 40


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Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri – Big Blak

Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri  is a staple for craft beer lovers  in Oslo and has long been a late night haunt for us.  After spending the weekend and becoming instant friends with Pushkin and Morten at Bergen Øl Festival, both breweries were keen to collaborate, and decided to brew an Imperial Black Wheat IPA.

‘Big Blak’ , is not quite a unicorn, but is also not quite your average field horse either.  Sitting at 9.1%, it definitely qualifies the title of “Imperial”, with a good flavour of roasted malts while also keeping the IPA badge alive with a hoppy aroma and a balanced hop bitterness finish.  We are super happy to have brought Big Blak to life with ‘Schous’ and look forward to many more collabs in the future as we also try to make our way into the diets of the late night craft beer lovers.

Title: Big Blak

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.1

IBU: 93

EBC: 67

Malt: Maris Otter, Wheat, Flaked Oats, Caramel, Carafa II, Carafa III

Hops: Tomahawk, Amarillo Gold, Simcoe, Ella

Yeast: S-04

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Eiker Øl Fabrikk – Vinter Saison

‘”Oi! Little Brother!”

This was an unexpected call to attention on the Saturday morning of Bergen Øl Festival as I was making my way across the festival grounds.  The caller was Jonas from everybody’s  favourite organic brewery from Drammen. Again, a collaboration borne from Bergen, we got very chummy with the great guys from Eiker over the course of the weekend that was the BØF.  Being huge fans of their “Eiker Hvete, Belgisk Wit”, well all of their beers as a matter of fact, we had decided upon something appropriate for the upcoming season.  A plum Saison that is as dark as 17:00 in January is the result.  With a rich farmhouse body, this has a big dark fruit nose to begin and leaves you with a well rounded palette that keeps you warm no matter what is happing outside in the depths of winter.

Title: Vinter Saison

Style:  Plum Saison

ABV: 7.5

IBU: 58

EBC: 46

Malt: Pale, Wheat, Flaked Oats, Special X, Caramel

Hops: Saaz, Galena

Adjuncts: Coriander seed, Plums

Yeast: French Saison

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Oppsummering; Bergen Ølfestival 2015

Bergen Beer Festival 2015 by The Gundersen

Jan Egils ølblogg

Lørdag formiddag Lørdag formiddag

Da var Bergen ølfestival 2015 vell overstått og som seg hør og bør er det er på tide med en liten oppsummering fra meg.
Dette er fjerde året det er ølfestival i Bergen, og festivalen er blitt større for hvert år.
I år kunne de stille med hele 35 bryggeri. I motsetning til de to andre store norske festivalene, Haandbryggeriets ølfestival i Drammen og Whats Brewing i Stavanger, er det i Bergen kun Norske bryggerier.

En av tingene som ikke var optimalt i fjor var plassen. Selv om de hadde bedre plass i Skostredet i forhold til de to første årene når de holdt til i et smau på Bryggen.
Dette året var det ny plass igjen; Bergenhus festning.

Slår av en prat med Espen Lothe En prat med Espen Lothe

Jeg kom tidlig til festivalen på fredag, ca en halvtime etter åpning. Av erfaring er det lurt å være tidlig ute, en slipper eventuelle…

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