Cervisiam Bryggeri – I Dream of Ipanema

What do you get when you take Oslo’s smallest commercial craft brewery, and pair them with Oslo’s newest nomad brewing amigos?  Well that answer is simple…A Pina Colada IPA of course….What else?

Cameron and I had organised with Shea and Martin from Cervisiam Bryggeri to meet for a quiet beer and discuss the prospect of a collaborative brew.  Besides some garnered street accolades, neither party had ever formally met.  Quickly we had gotten all the pleasantries aside, and then we got down to the nitty-gritty business of our meeting:  “What brew we should brew?”

Some ideas were thrown around, but then it was Martin who came to us with the idea of a Pina Colada IPA.  We had never heard of a Pina Colada IPA, let alone thought about brewing one.  It did not take much convincing, and then the Little Brothers were in, hook, line and sinker.

We decided that having only one batch was not enough, so two was the magic number.  A very modest amount as our yield is 80L a batch, but still very, very effective.  The first batch being even more experimental than the second, we added 3kgs of shredded coconut as a dry-hop in secondary fermentation along with 3L of pineapple juice.  We checked the flavour after 3 days, and happy with its effectiveness the coconut was removed.  For the second batch we altered the recipe slightly, we added 2kgs of coconut and 4L of pineapple juice at the beginning of secondary fermentation, this time taking out the coconut after 5 days.  Both definitely achieved their aim of being something completely different to what we’d ever tasted, but also they tasted how they were supposed to. A Pina Colada in a beer, yet still keeping the profile of an IPA.  Truthfully, the second batch had a truer taste of Pina Colada having a creamy coconut mouth feel, and slight sweet fruity pineapple nose, while the first batch had a more overpowering taste of coconut.  At least now we know how to get it the way we like it, and we can continue dreaming of far-off Brazilian beaches while sipping our delicious IPA in Oslo.

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(An excerpt of an article in Brazilian newspaper, O Globo about beers with the name Ipanema in it)