One From The Fridge: Little Brother Bryggeri’s Big Belly Juleøl 2015

I’ve tried a few christmas beers this year but I think Little Brother’s Big Belly is the first one to really hit the mark. The flavor and aroma mix together to make it not just a beer, but an essential  part of the holiday season. In fact the brewery actually writes on the bottle that this beer “Combines the smoke from a fire and the essence of a Christmas tree… to evoke a sensory connection to the nostalgia of the festive season,” and they aren’t lying. After cracking open my bottle and taking a nice big whiff I swear could hear the crackle of a nonexistent fireplace and wanted nothing more but to put on my onesie and cuddle up with this tasty brew.

Another thing to mention is that for 7% ABV, this beer is surprisingly light tasting and it doesn’t suffer from over malted and unbalanced qualities – an issue I have had in previous reviews. With that said,  I think that the smoked malts in the back end of the flavor are a little harsh and it wouldn’t hurt to go a little lighter and let some of the other flavors shine.
Overall I highly recommend that you go out and grab a couple bottles for yourself, and with a best before date of January 2017, I plan on cellaring one of these bad boys so I can compare it with the 2016 release next holiday season.
The Facts:

Style: Juleøl
Brewery: Little Brother Bryggeri
Location: Oslo, Norway
ABV: 7%
IBU’s: 40


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