Nøisom Craft Beer – Mangoose!

Love thy neighbour!

At Bergen Øl Festival in September we were allocated tent number 4, while our neighbours who soon turned friends, Nøisom Craft Beer, were allocated right next door at number 3.  Being our first appearance at a festival of its size with many breweries, we soon learned that everybody shared little tasters with each other, just as a way of introducing yourself and showing off your brews.  We got friendly with Pål, Nøisoms head brewer after we had swapped our interpretations of chili beers.  Both enjoying each others creation very much, contact details were swapped and the idea of a collaboration beer was formed.

In November we took the train down to Frederikstad to visit Pål at their brewery for the day to brew a Mango Gose / Wheat Ale Hybrid.  Naturally soured with 75kgs of Acidulated malt and a healthy dose of sea salt, along with 40kgs of the finest Mango puree we could find. The end result has a great mango aroma with a refreshing palate cleansing sourness to finish.

We were really honoured to have the opportunity to go down and brew with one of the biggest breweries in Norway, we certainly learnt a lot and loved every minute of it.  (They learnt a lot also, as this was the first time that they ever had a stuck mash!)

Title: Mangoose

Style: Mango Gose / Wheat Ale Hybrid

ABV: 5

IBU: 19

EBC: 8

Malt: Acid, Wheat, Flaked Oats

Hops: Centennial, Sorachi Ace

Yeast: WB-06

151221-Mangoose - 187.5x70-01

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