Three Brothers

Little Brother Brewery is a Nano Brewery located in Oslo, Norway which specialises in handcrafted Real Ales and Lagers. We are Lachlan, Cameron & Andrew (from L-R), the three guys who established Little Brother Brewery in mid-2013. Although we are a very young company, there have been many preceding years of sharing our much loved brews with family and friends. This has led to our aspirations of offering our malt creations to the wider craft beer community. These values of sharing and community have formed the backbone of our proud craft brewery and we hope you’ll join us soon for a beer.

The brewery is based in Oslo Norway which is where Cameron and Lachlan live and work tirelessly to perfect our craft beers. We are arguably the smallest commercial brewery in Oslo, if not the whole of Norway.

Andrew, resides in Toronto, Canada and it is from here that he works on the marketing ,including graphic design, social media and web development for Little Brother Brewery.

Little Brother Brewery is designed for flexibility which gives us a creative advantage over larger scale breweries. Using our top of the range, electronic, brewery system, we can produce a wide selection of beers while maintaining consistency and accuracy.  This affords us the freedom to experiment with a vast range of yeasts and hops and to not only brew consistently the beers we’ve all grown to love but to also brew ‘one off’ specialty beers, high gravity imperial beers, as well as adjunct beers. We plan to have a brand new craft beer for you to try every month.

At the heart of Little Brother Brewery lie some deeply rooted ideologies. Adapting the eight points bestowed upon the 15th century Maltese Cross which adorns our home state flag in Queensland, we have adopted the following philosophies:

  1. Flavour is King!
  2. Locally sourced quality ingredients
  3. Dedication to the craft of brewing
  4. Continuing innovation and experimentation
  5. Enriching craft beer culture
  6. Engagement with local community
  7. Environmental sustainability and responsibility
  8. Delight in the everyday

We, at Little Brother Brewery, strive to live up to these eight points with each and every brew and we hope our dedication will lead to gaining respect from not only our family and friends but also our peers within the craft beer community and those who just enjoy a beer.


Andrew, Cameron & Lachlan

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