Mangoose by Little Brother Brewery and Noisom

Style: Mango Gose / Wheat Ale Hybrid

Collaboration Brew: Little Brother Brewery & Nøisom Craft Beer unite to bring you “Mangoose”. An experimental Gose / Wheat Ale hybrid bursting with fresh mango puree. Craft beer creativity at its best!

Tasting Notes: Subtle acidity, saltyness & smooth malts; punctuated by mango & banana.

Food Pairing: Steaming hot chicken soup, or a platter of cheeses & dried fruit.

Malt: Acid, Wheat, Flaked Oats

Yeast: WB-06

Hops: Centenial & Sorachi Ace

Water: Maridalsvannet

Adj: Coriander Seeds, Orange Peel, Mango Puree from Ponthier

IBU: 19
EBC: 8
ABV: 5%