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A series of 6 episodes documenting the behind the scenes of Little Brother Brewery. Meet the three guys behind our brewery and see how we brew our craft beer. Gain insight into the process our craft beer goes through to get from humble ingredients to your beer glass and a little of our back story in between.

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Our Co-founder and Head Brewer, Cameron, was interviewed by the Norwegian TV channel TV8. Here’s what Cameron had to say (conversation is in Norwegian):


The good people of Hoyt Skum website dropped by the brewery to check it out and to have a chat to Cameron our Head Brewer. In this video, Cameron divulges a little history behind Little Brother Brewery, our equipment and brewery set-up and our aspirations for the future.

Original video link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=UUm9pETOg3PLi8Iy_kqAzw_w&v=YbT8SVGyiTY

Creator’s website: http://hoytskum.com


Finally, after months of storing our brewery equipment in the dark depths of Cameron’s apartment’s storage unit, we have had our first brew day! On the 29.11.13 Little Brother Brewery and friends have brewed a Christmas Ale which we named Ho Hop Ho Hop. A hectic brew day it was, with many visitors throughout the day and various problems that seem always to occur when brewing on a new system for the first time. Here’s a time-lapse video capturing the action.




Little Brother Brewery has just found our very first official location to begin our epic brewing adventure. We’re currently hard at work giving the place a spit and polish before we open our doors to the thirsty public. Over the weekend we had a painting party to get the walls looking respectable and this is a little video of this work (and socialising) taking place.